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CELEBRITY – Les Brown – Its Not Over Until I Win

Special thanks to GoalCast for presenting this video on their YouTube Channel.

Les Brown and Dave Wheeler 2013 NYC
Les Brown (left) and TheWishBuilder Founder, Dave Wheeler

To say that Les Brown is “a motivational speaker” speaker is like saying Michael Jordan was “a basketball player”. Les Brown has been motivating and inspiring people with his speeches for decades and is probably the quintessential motivational speaker.

I had the opportunity to listen to Les at the National Speakers Association meeting in New York City a few years back and it was a pleasure to not only hear his words but to also learn how he puts them together and the background for many of the stories he presents on stage.

If you want to build your wish, the third phase is “Whatever it takes”, or, as Les Brown would say, “The game isn’t over until I win.” Get out there, build your dream and don’t give up until you win.

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“Steve Jobs knew about minimalism. But just because a world-class designer embraces minimalism, doesn’t mean minimalism is always going to create world-class design. A good designer tries to make good design. A bad designer tries to turn it into religion. Like I said, Steve Jobs knew all about it.”

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You’re worth it, your goal is worth it and you have the ability to achieve that goal. What’s stopping you? Your time is now … let’s talk ->

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Dont Give Up


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Why You Started

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Let’s find YOUR “why.” It all starts at #MaximizeYourLife;


Goal statistics

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Shared by Tom Martin on his Facebook timeline with the added comment, “Of course, 56.3% of all statistics are made up.”


Ambitious Goals

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Work not Hope

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If you arent scared

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