Brainstorming Tips

smartWhen you are brainstorming actions, inevitably you will run out of ideas before your reach 1000.  Even if you make it to 1000, you may need more ideas if you encounter something unexpected in your path, aka an obstacle or challenge, or you may find that the rest of the ideas just don’t fit the “last mile” of your journey toward your wish.

That is where it is helpful to have some “tricks” or tips to fall back on.

Here are some of my best Brainstorming tips…

Go Crazy !  Go beyond the “regular, commonsense way”, which is really pretty boring and consider the CraZY way.  What is the craziest idea you could think of?

Write down random words and figure out a connection to your goal.  It may take multiple steps but each one will get you thinking in a new way.

Consider doing the opposite of what you planned.  Is there a way to go back one step that leads to 5 or 10 steps forward?

Get someone else’s opinion, preferably someone who thinks very differently from the way you do.

Write gibberish as a warm up.  It can stimulate your brain to go in a new direction.

Ask a question … and then relax, pause, and wait for your mind to give you an answer.  You will be surprised by what your subconscious mind will give you when you give it a chance.

What brainstorming tips do you have?  Please leave a comment below and share them with other visitors to this site.