Who is The Wish Builder™ ?

While this site was conceived and created by Dave Wheeler, the answer to who is The Wish Builder in your life is “YOU”.  You are the person who will build the actions that lead to the fulfillment of your wish.

More about founder, Dave Wheeler

dMark Dave WheelerDave Wheeler is a business owner, author, speaker and marketing guru.  He has created a number of websites including www.gps-SpeakerMarketing.com, www.Pro-Speaker-Review.com, www.dMarkWheeler.com and more.

Dave has completed over 10 marathons, countless triathlons and is an avid skier.  If your wish is to complete a marathon or triathlon, Dave would be happy to help you brainstorm actions that will get you to the finish line.

How did TheWishBuilder™ start?

Dave created TheWishBuilder.com to help people realize their dreams.  Too many people talk about what they want but few actually focus on a single dream long enough to take the actions that would make it a reality.

The Wish Builder program came together in January of 2014 when “the perfect storm of personal development” crossed paths with Dave Wheeler.  A couple friends (and fellow speakers) invited Dave to a Goal Setting Workshop on New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2014 and while the content was not 100% new, it was a useful reminder about the power of goal setting.  At the same time, Dave rediscovered the recording titled, “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale.  This reminded Dave that it is a person’s mental focus that determines what they get out of life.  A goal without focus quickly fades away.

Finally, Dave found the concept of 1000 origami cranes and wondered if it could be re-purposed as a symbol for the 1000 actions someone would take to achieve their goal.  Massive action is a powerful tool and it is a skill that few people have developed for the achievement of their goals.

All of these ideas came together to create TheWishBuilder and this website.

Why is the process given away for free? 

Dave’s philosophy is that this information will help people and the more people who have success because of it, the more opportunities that will be presented.

Plus, Dave Wheeler is in a unique position where he could, in the future, write a book about The Wish Builder (since he is a proven author) or there may be speaking opportunities (since he is an award-winning speaker).  We just added Coaching Services for anyone who would like help with their project.

The important thing is to help people improve their lives and The Wish Builder process will be a great place to start.

What is our Mission?

Check out how we have defined the Mission of The Wish Builder over on our Mission page.