How Does it Work? . . . The 3 part WishBuilder Process

HeaderWB2c3How does
The Wish Builder

process work?

Step 1)   Make a “wish”.
This is the fun part!
– Decide what you REALLY want and what you are willing to do to achieve it.
– Your wish must be a real goal to be effective.  This means that it should be specific, time-based and in a “this result or something better” format.  Learn more at Step 1 – Your Goal

Step 2)   Learn “The Strangest Secret” and start developing your mental focus.  Your focus and commitment to your goal is critical if you are going to follow through and succeed.  Watch the video at Step 2 – Focus

Step 3a)  Brainstorm Your Action List / steps toward your goal / wish.
This is where you start to make it happen… by thinking about all the steps that might be involved and how to put them in motion.
– Get Supplies for your 1000 Cranes (more on this later)
– Write actions in your journal (and on origami papers) and organize as needed.  See more at Step 3a – Brainstorm Actions 

Step 3b)   Complete Your Actions & fold the papers.
The 1000 Cranes (one folded for each completed action) will give you a sense of accomplishment with each action step you finish.  Learn more about the Legend of the 1000 Cranes and how it applies to your wish at Step 3b – Take Action & Fold …

Finally, Repeat steps 3a & 3b until you have completed 1000 cranes and your wish has been granted !


Want to give it a try?

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