Ironman – Budget – Action#007

Draft Budget IronmanSince I am planning to ask for a Sponsor, it makes sense that I take a stab at a budget.

As you can see from my initial estimates, it will be about a $20K project. Of course most budgets turn out to be woefully inadequate so I should probably double everything, right?

In case you have trouble reading the scanned image from my notebook, the Budget Items Include:
Race Fees, Bike upgrade, Screen Printing & Bike decals (for sponsors), Swim training location, Transportation, Hotels, Performance Food & Supplements, Running Shoes, Food & Misc. (Race/trips), Paper/pins for Cranes, Planning Calendar, Support team at races.

Other items I thought of since I scanned that page include: Video crew (so I can document it and possibly use it for marketing, Upgraded clothing (since wetsuits might not be allowed at Kona and I may need something different from what I have) and a new hydration system (for the bike).


What do you think?

What am I missing?  Should there be more activities / events / budget items related to, and for the benefit of, sponsors?

Speaking of sponsors, is the budget itemized sufficiently that a company can look at the listing and choose to sponsor a particular part of the project?  What can I do to entice sponsors to support the full project?

Budget / Sponsor Ideas?

Obviously I don’t have all the answers and I would welcome anyone who has experience signing up sponsors for individuals or events or even charity fundraising.  Any ideas you have to improve this budget or gain sponsors would be appreciated.  Leave you comments below !


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