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Ironman – Action List page 1


This is the start of the brainstorming of an Action List for my Ironman project.  I am using process and I will us this blog to let you know what I learn along the way.  I will also post my action steps for your review.

Here is a picture of the first page of actions that I came up with for my Ironman project using process.


I noticed immediately that there were some actions that will need to be expanded into smaller steps such as an action step for each workout.  I will be marking them as I go along.

I also found that when I started to write an action description that included the word “and” that I was probably better off breaking it into two different actions.


What’s next?

I set up my bulletin board and calendar in my bedroom so that it will be the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night.  I will post a picture of it if anyone is interested.

More Action List pages will follow on this blog along with pictures of some of the pages / notes I took as part of completing an action.  (Still need to get my 1000 sheets of paper so I can fold some cranes for the actions I’ve already finished!)


I need your help

As you follow my creation of the Action Steps (they will be posted on this blog) you may see something that I’m missing.  Please leave a comment with your ideas.  Or, if you can help me accomplish an action step, such as any of the ones around Sponsors, please let me know as well.

TheWishBuilder community  is stronger together than any one of us are alone.  Your support, encouragement and ideas are definitely appreciated and if you believe in karma, your good deeds will come back to you !