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Why it works

TriangleLogo2The Wish Builder process works because it leverages 3 important characteristics of successful people: a clear goal, a strong mental focus and massive action … all wrapped up in a simple process.

Of the 3 aspects, goal setting is probably the most commonly used but how many are actually successful with just goal setting?  On the other hand, clear mental focus is probably used by less than 5% of the world’s population (according to Earl Nightgale).

If you look around, you will find that very few people actually take massive action toward the achievement of their goals.  The ones that do might have beenraised with a strong work ethic but how many have the strong mental focus to go along with it?

The use of the 1000 cranes is how The Wish Builder is able to help you continually focus on your goal while doing the steps necessary to succeed.

Why so many action steps?

If you think of more ways to succeed, the odds of you succeeding goes up.  If you take multiple paths to your goal, there are few obstacles that can stand in your way.

How is The Wish Builder
different from a To Do List?

Most “to do” lists don’t have the focus that The Wish Builder does.  “Bring in a new client” might be listed right before “pick up milk” or “grab a beer with a friend” on your “to do” list but it is unlikely that they are all pointed toward achieving your primary goal.

How does the folding help the process?

First, learning to fold an origami crane means, for most people, learning a new skill.  This creates new neural pathways in your brain while also building dexterity in your hands.  The tactile process reinforces the focus on your project while the completed cranes provide physical evidence that you are making progress.

The Wish Builder’s bottom line…

The Wish Builder process succeeds because it helps you work better and smarter.  If you don’t work, it won’t work.  All 1000 actions and the outcome of your wish are in your hands.