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Why 1000 Actions?

The 1000 Cranes (and 1000 actions) may seem like a lot more than would be needed to accomplish your wish, but there are good reasons why the number is so high.

First, more options yields better results.

Imagine the 1000 Actions approach like this…

Most people think that you set a goal, choose the path and it takes you straight to your destination like in the picture below.


Anyone who has tried to accomplish anything worthwhile knows that it is rarely that simple.  If it was that simple then everyone would keep their New Year’s resolutions and we all know that rarely happens.

So, what really happens?  Most likely, you will encounter an obstacle or challenge before you reach your goal which will require you to change your plan and take a different series of actions.


The bigger your goal, the more likely it is that you will encounter more than one obstacle …Slide3

Now, what if you are not able to squeeze between these obstacles?  Or maybe there is a huge wall that you can’t go through or over.

That is why you need to look at as many multiple options, routes and alternatives as you can so that you can achieve your wish.


Did you notice that sometimes an action taken in the “wrong direction” can come around and end up hitting the target?

Bottom line… Your wish deserves 1000 Actions

1000 Actions ensures that you meet your goal and your wish will be granted.  Be sure to brainstorm as many ways that you might achieve your goal as possible… and don’t leave out the impossible ways too.  One of those might actually come true !