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The Magic 1000

How many times will you try?
Are you willing to take 1000 actions?

The video below should spark some thoughts for you, especially if you are considering building a wish for yourself.


The Magic 1000

In a previous article we addressed “Why 1000 Actions are required” so we won’t talk about why “more options yields better results” or why “multiple options, routes and alternatives” can help you overcome the inevitable obstacles you will face.

The Magic 1000 actions are important because of the mindset that it fosters.  If we suggested that you list only 10 or 100 action steps, you could probably do that fairly easily.  You might even complete those steps but the likelihood of you achieving your wish would still be rather low.

Committing to 1000 actions is, for most people, the same as committing to doing “whatever it takes” to achieve your goal.  1000 actions would be nearly impossible to achieve in a week or even a month so it requires the extended commitment that is required to build your wish.

Think of it this way . . .

What if your wish was to keep your child safe?  You would “do whatever it takes” because failure is not an option that you want to even consider.  That same thinking, applied to a single wish with a strong mental focus, will guarantee the accomplishment of that wish.

Don’t lose sight of your goal . . .

Mental focus is required so that you can continue to make progress toward your 1000 actions.  When was the last time you added actions to your Action List?  Do you review it on a regular basis?  At a scheduled time each week or each day?

 Whatever it takes mentality

There is little that cannot be achieved through total commitment to a single goal.  When will you commit to a goal or wish that is worth taking 1000 actions?  Do whatever it takes to achieve your wish and don’t be like most people who spread their actions across 1000 things and achieve nothing.