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Let's not be annoying to Celebrities...
Started by David Wheeler 3 years ago
Can we all agree that we won't annoy the celebrities with trivial wishes? Or wishes that we aren't willing to work for?

If you are a celebrity reading this, please help make sure that if you are willing to grant a wish for someone who posts on here that they have at least done something. I'm not saying that a wishbuilder would need to perform (or arrange a group that performs) 1000 hours for a charity (although that has a nice ring to it) but please make sure you are impressed by their effort. Otherwise, this forum will become a place where people will post things they want but are not willing to work for.

TheWishBuilder process is all about BUILDING your wish and not depending (too much) on someone giving it to you. That's part of the reason why the 1000 Cranes element is included.

Having said that... If Jennifer Lawrence wants to take me to the Oscars, I'm sure I would figure out a way to recruit, convince or bribe enough people to put in 1000 hours to a charity of her choosing. Jennifer... call me !

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